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Price per video 15.00


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Includes; SVHS • VHSC • SVHSC • NTSC • Macrovision • NTSC • SECAM

Flat £15 for any length video cassette. Remember you only get 2 hours of VHS on a DVD but if the tape is longer and we put it on 2 x DVDs then we do not charge more.

Eg if you have 3 cassettes then the quantity is 3 (3 videos x £15 = £45).
We will make a DVD of each cassette unless you specify otherwise.

We DO NOT charge for Delivery! All prices are subject to VAT.

Fastest Service or we Refund: Turnaround averaging just four days. Ten days is the longest you'll wait or we refund the service charge. No questions asked.

What makes our transfer so special?

We perform LCA adjustments manually. Many firms do not adjust it at all! This is so important during the transfer as it is such a poor format in today's terms. We manually adjust the luminance and chrominance to optimise the colour and contrast of your movies.

On badly recorded video there tends to be blue saturation. To compensate this we add more red into the video clips to make the colour look more natural. This is a very complex procedure and would take hours to read a full description. Rest assured your images will look far superior using our standard conversion service than any company. Nobody offers a convert VHS to DVD service like us.

Our Definitions:

AVI: 640 X 480 (no more than 4gb in file size)

MPEG2 : 720 x 576 (no more than 4gb in file size)

MOV: As above for transfers or at higher resolution below at extra cost

SD: 720 x 576 (Pro-Res 442)
HD: 1280 x 720 (Pro-Res 4444 HD)
HD: 1440 x 1080 (Pro-Res 4444 HD)
HD: 1920 x 1080 (Pro-Res 4444 HD)
VHS to MPEG, MOV, AVI, Pro Res - More Info >>

Select some Extra's below:

1. Quality Enhancement
2. Extra DVD Copies
3. Express Turnaround !
4. Home Video Collection
5. Printing on your DVDs eg 'Smith Family Record'
6. TV Screen Titles eg Our Wedding

Video to DVD Converter Equipment

WARNING: Currently a great number of websites are offering conversion at a very low price. Some are even charging professional rates but are also using a cheap all in one digital conversion equipment. This Video to DVD converter is available all over the web - do a google search for "video DVD converter". To use, simply pop the video in the slot then load a blank DVD in the same machine and click record. The results are appalling. Footage is jerky with washy colours and blurred images. Dark images from home video tends to go even darker. Much worse is the video compression in these devices, as they tend to make the footage very grainy and blocky a little like a pirate copy.

DVD Transfer Review

"Thanks a million, we are so pleased with the quality from our Super-VHS tapes. I was very pleased that you managed to lighten up the video as it was always too dark."
Gary Harper in Manchester.

"We spent quite a while looking for someone to convert vhs video to DVD and was elated to find so many reviews on the forums about your service. We'd just want to thank you all for a beautiful transfer of our wedding video and for the lovely design on the front. Cheers, you're the best."

Sandra and Bob England in London.

"Thank you - it was, as you can imagine, a fantastic, emotional experience to see pictures of my parents when young, both sets of grandparents and my brother. Your fast turnaround was much appreciated, as, having made the emotional commitment to send them off into the unknown, it was reassuring to have them returned speedily. Thank you."
Cathie Wilson in Liverpool.

VHSC to DVD Service

lots more testimonials ...

Camcorders we don't need your V.H.S.C adaptor.

We have the adapter here.

All about V.H.S. tape

The Video Home System, better known by its abbreviation V.H.S, is a recording and playing standard developed by Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC) and launched in Europe and Asia way back in September 1976. The US launched a year later in June 1977, with 'The Young Teacher' being the very first movie to be released. A History of Violence, released on home video in 2006, was the last in the North American market.

The twenty five year reign covers two other sisters. These are the V.H.S.C tape for the compact VHSC camcorder and the S.V.H.S tape.

The patent only lasted 25 years. Almost the minute it expired, high street electronics shops were flooded with cheap video player recorders made in China. V.H.S. was still a trademark however JVC was overwhelmed with the number of companies reproducing these cassettes and recorders that very few were sued.

By the 1989 it became a standard video format for consumer recording and viewing on home TV. The format finally won after competing and winning a fierce video electronics war with Sony Corporation's Betamax video. This is without mention to video8. To a much lesser extent other rivals were Philips' Video 2000, MCA's Laserdisc and RCA's Capacitance Electronic Disc better known as VCD.

This favourite VCR format offered a longer playing time than the rival Betamax tape system. In addition it also had the advantage of a far less complex video tape transport mechanism. Although it competed with Betamax, several critical technologies were licensed from Sony.

Early machines could rewind and fast forward the tape considerably faster than a Betamax video player. This was because they unthreaded the tape from the playback video heads before commencing any high speed winding. Most newer video machines do not perform this unthreading step. The reason being the head tape contact is no longer an impediment to fast winding. This is mostly owing to improved electronics engineering.

All about VHSC Tapes

For the home camcorder market the VHSC tape arrived. The "c" stood for compact. It was a mini cassette which could also be put into an adaptor called the VHSC adapter. This was so it could be played in a standard VCR. The camcorder was the most used format in the UK. It out sold the 8mm camcorder by more than three to one and was considered by most as the best. The most popular camera being the JVC camcorder followed by the Panasonic NV camera. This little tape was also very stable and robust. It's main popularity however, was the fact that home users were able to view their home movies on through the VCR without any conversion unlike it's rival 8mm tape which needed conversion to V.H.S. for home viewing and distribution.

All about SVHS format

For the higher end market SVHS (S-VHS) was released with raving reviews. The S which stood for Super, provided double the TV resolution. It became popular with budget corporate video production services in the early nineties. Even Cable TV networks broadcast this footage. However, most came from DVCAM and the now ailing and plentiful Betacam SP formats. This super format enjoyed a long period of success.

The demise of video home system was sudden yet painless. DVD rentals surpassed video movie rentals in the US in 2003. This was surprising to many film and television industry officials. The take up of DVD was much faster than the vinyl record to audio tape conversion, and the subsequent CD revolution of the late eighties. Documentary evidence proves that by 2006, most major film studios, movie producers and TV companies stopped releasing new movie titles on video, opting for VCD and DVD only releases. The irony is that DigiBeta which is part the Betacam and Betamax family is still the TV industry preferred format of recording, archiving and copying video masters.

Many leading home cinema retailers have stopped selling pre-recorded movies on video. Although pre-recorded cassettes are still popular with many collectors, this is mainly because there are thousands of titles that are still unavailable on disc or other newer formats. There are currently no accurate figures for the numbers of people who transfer VHS to DVD at home. However, there is a fast evolution of home computers with AVI and MPEG capability. This is allowing many households to perform DIY video transfers. Most of these are simply transferring tapes to AVI clips and viewing them on their TV fed from the computer. Who knows what the future of home cinema will be after DVD?

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"I have used your firm for over 17 years now ..."
D. Essex - London

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DV Derby - Birmingham

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