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Why Choose us to Transfer video to DVD?

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied we'll refund the costs of the transfer. All we ask is that you let us know that you are using the scheme and give us the chance to run off a 5 minute sample of your film before we do the order.

Our average standard* transfer turnaround time is just four days, you'll wait a maximum of ten days. If we take longer then the standard transfer service is free! We also have a same day video to DVD transfer service available. *Standard is a maximum of 5 DVDs.

If your irreplaceable videos are lost or become damaged during our video to DVD transfer or simply due to our negligence you will be compensated up to £3,000. We have had no claims since we started this scheme.

We use a flat price per video tape with no regards as to how much footage is on it. We see this as up front and honest. No complex charging such as £X for the first 30 minutes and £X per minute thereafter.

Our transfer studio is used to handling all formats of video both Professional and Home Camcorders on a daily basis. Home video like VHS, SVHS, VHSC in both PAL and NTSC and older formats like Umatic and Betamax. Popular camcorder videos like Hi-8, Video8 and 8mm camcorder tapes to DVD. We transfer digital video to DVD like Mini-DV, DVCam, Mini DVCam and Digital8. For professional Video Studios and TV Film and Broadcast companies we convert Betacam, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam and DVC,

Because we are one of the largest we can digitally remaster your video to DVD, AVI, MPEG, CD, VCD and all of the video formats.

We will not contact you once we have received your videos asking for more money for this and that. Look at our Why use us for your Transfer section

It's so easy to use the Transfer Video to DVD Service If you find our online ordering facility complicated, just give us a call. One of our friendly staff will be happy to take your transfer order over the phone or provide you with a detailed quote for Video Transfer.

Your Video Transfer includes the following FREE !

We Transfer Video to DVD like no one else

Nobody offers so much FREE! We do not get you later with Extra Charges.

1. Video Sound Transfer:
Any sound that is on your video is taken and optimised and digitally remastered before being converted onto your DVD

2. Any length Video Cassette:
We do not charge you extra whether your video is 1,2 hours or 3 hours long.

3. Video Movie Chapter Points:
We create movie chapter points and encode these onto your DVD. You can then skip through large portions of the DVD

4. World Wide DVD Playability:
Our DVDs are not formatted to only play in the United Kingdom. We format them to PAL region zero. Our DVDs will play anywhere in the world that is on PAL format.

5. Video Adjustment:
We hand check and review each video and adjust the playback for the best possible quality.

6. Blank Screen Removal:
In the majority of cases some portions of the video tape is blank. Our technicians watch all of your video and stops the transfer at the best point so there's no large blank areas.

7. Video Sequence:
If your videos are in a certain order we will transfer them in this order. This is also regardless of video formats eg MiniDV then VHS then Hi-8.

8. DVD Back Up:
In the event that your videos or DVDs are lost on the way back to you, just let us know and we will make you a new one from the DVD back up copies that we keep in our masters room.

9. Professional Quality DVDs:
If you order extra copies we will only ever use professional DVDs with a lifetime guarantee. Our copies will not fail unless they are heavily scratched. The DVD copies will be packed into protective hard cases.

10: 100% Compatibility:
All of our DVDs are guaranteed to be compatible with all DVD players. Some studios will on guarantee their DVDs to 95% and sometimes even less.

We Transfer it All: Home Video, Analogue Video or new Digital Video to DVD

Client Review

"I can not thank you enough, not just for the speed but also for putting up with my silly questions. As you know these were for a present and seeing as the last company I used did such an awful job of the transfer I only had 1 week to get them redone. I had almost given up until I saw you people being raved about on a forum .... The quality, speed and professionalism was shocking to be honest. It is rare to find good old fashioned service these days. Please keep it up and yes I am more than happy for you to reprint this in your testimonials"

Sally Oldham in London

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Customer Review:

"I have used your firm for over 17 years now ..."
D. Essex - London

"great quality ... thanks for the quick service"
DV Derby - Birmingham

"found you on a forum and you lived up to expectation"
M. Kingston - Scotland

"great seeing the house we all grew up in and mum and dad again"
P. Wright - Manchester