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Mini DV to DVD

Mini DV to DVD

Price per Cassette 15.00


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Includes DV Cost: Flat £15 for any size of Mini-DV (HD, PAL or NTSC)

Eg Three Mini-DV tapes and the quantity becomes 3 (3 videos x £15 = £45
A DVD copy of each Mini-DV will be made unless otherwise specified eg. you may want three 30 minute Mini-DV tapes onto one DVD. Select the type of tape eg HD MiniDV (High Definition), LP (Long Play), PAL or NTSC.

We DO NOT charge for Delivery! All prices subject to VAT

Fastest Service or we Refund: Turnaround is usually just 4 days and you'll wait a max of Ten days or we'll refund the Mini-DV to DVD service charge, with no questions asked.

Why we Convert Mini-DV to DVD better than others

We take extra effort when transferring Mini-DV to DVD as the contrast ratios tend to be out. Contrast ratio is the single biggest factor in picture quality and more vital with the compact Mini-DV tape than any other video format. When we talk about “Contrast Ratio” we mean the ratio of luminance between the purest brightest white and the darkest pitch black that can be produced.

If a picture has a very high ratio then it will be judged to be much sharper and higher quality than a picture with a lower ratio, even if the latter has more resolution, this is the secret of good quality Mini-DV recordings. To achieve high quality Mini-DV video it is important to set the black and white levels accurately. Without doing this the videos picture quality looks poor due to the contrast ratio.

It is more common in Mini-DV recordings to find that the black has been misadjusted as opposed to the white. This is why we pay particular attention when converting Mini-DV to DVD. Many clients have written to us claiming the new DVD transfer was better than their original Mini-DV tape recording.

Our Definitions:

AVI: 640 X 480 (no more than 4gb in file size)

MPEG2 : 720 x 576 (no more than 4gb in file size)

MOV: As above for transfers or at higher resolution below at extra cost

SD: 720 x 576 (Pro-Res 442)
HD: 1280 x 720 (Pro-Res 4444 HD)
HD: 1440 x 1080 (Pro-Res 4444 HD)
HD: 1920 x 1080 (Pro-Res 4444 HD)
Mini DV to MOV, AVI, Pro Res, MPEG - More Info >>>

Select some Extra's below:

1. Quality Enhancement
2. Extra DVD Copies
3. Express Turnaround !
4. Printing on your DVDs eg 'Smith Family Record'
5. Home Video Collection
6. TV Screen Titles eg Our Wedding

Review of Mini-DV to DVD Service

"Superb ... as you know we used another firm before but these DVD's are superior and ironically cheaper than the other company"
Jason Peel - Wirral

"Dear Joan. The order was great, it was the first time my children had seen my grandad, so thanks for the excellent work. I would recommend your Mini-DV service to anyone. Thanks once again"
Angela Dunbar - Edinburgh

"Thanks for tranferring my tape, my DSR-1000 machine gave up the ghost a long time ago and sadly I was ripped off on Ebay when I buy the JVC GX95 camcorder"
Mark Price - Manchester

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Mini DV and DV family of Cassettes

Digital Video, known as DV, was launched in 1995. There are three main formats in this video group. The two marketed for professional use are DVCam and DVCPro, the domestically marketed is the Mini-DV. This family of video tapes were smaller and much easier to handle than any of its predecessors.

Let's do a short review on the Mini-DV Tape.

Due to their size and cost, the DV video tapes could be transported by news reporters. They no longer needed a camera crew, just a camera man with a DV camcorder and either Mini DV, DVCam or DVCPro tapes. And so they were born, reporters that could film their own news clips. Many video enthusiasts were successful in obtaining short Documentary contracts and Movies for TV cable networks.

Although they were developed for the domestic market as a replacement for VHS tapes, but with much higher quality, the large DV tapes are almost non existent in the domestic market, and are only used in professional settings.

Due to its cost and size, Mini-DV is the most versatile and popular cassette format in today’s camcorder tape market. Mini DV was very popular as many contained FireWire connections allowing Mini DV to be transferred to AVI and then subsequently to MPEG for DVD.

Mini-DV Camera

The main manufacturers of Mini-DV video cameras were Panasonic, Sharp, JVC and of course Hitachi. Mini-DV digital camcorders are still widley used today due to their digital electronics there is little difference between these and the DVD camcorders.

Mini-DV to DVD Sales
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"I have used your firm for over 17 years now ..."
D. Essex - London

"great quality ... thanks for the quick service"
DV Derby - Birmingham

"found you on a forum and you lived up to expectation"
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"great seeing the house we all grew up in and mum and dad again"
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