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We convert DVCAM to DVD or AVI



Price per Cassette 15.00


Choose other outputs below (eg AVI)

Includes miniDVCAM Flat £15 for any length DVCAM Video Tape

Eg Let's say you have 5 x DVCAM videos, the quantity would be 5 (5 videos x £15 = £75
A DVD of each DVCAM tape will be made unless you tell us otherwise eg you may have several DVCAM's that you wish to transfer onto a single DVD.

No charge for Delivery! All our prices are subject to VAT at the current rate

Fastest Service or No Charge: Averaging just four days turnaround and a maximum of Ten days or we'll credit the DVCAM transfer and capture service fee, no questions asked.

DVCAM Capture: We offer DVCAM transfer to AVI for FireWire / Editing

Our Definitions:

AVI: 640 X 480 (no more than 4gb in file size)

MPEG2 : 720 x 576 (no more than 4gb in file size)

MOV: As above for transfers or at higher resolution below at extra cost

SD: 720 x 576 (Pro-Res 442)
HD: 1280 x 720 (Pro-Res 4444 HD)
HD: 1440 x 1080 (Pro-Res 4444 HD)
HD: 1920 x 1080 (Pro-Res 4444 HD)

DVCAM to MPEG, MOV, AVI, Pro Res - More Info >>>

Select some Extra's below:

1. Quality Enhancement
2. Extra DVD Copies
3. Express Turnaround !
4. Printing on your DVDs eg 'Smith Family Record'
5. Home Video Collection
6. TV Screen Titles eg Our Wedding

DVCAM transfer Review

"Very professional - these DVCAM's were originals belonged to a long term client and we wanted a trustworthy company"
Jim Broadbent - Sheffield
DVCAM Transfer to DVD

"Just a short line to say a BIG thanks. We were very worried about these DVCam tapes going a miss as they we're our corporate videos. As you know the original company wanted to charge us a fortune to convert them to DVD. This was my other worry that you may have been too cheap and thus cheap quality. Rest assured we are very happy with the quality"
David Stockton - Leeds
DVCAM Transfer to DVD

even more ...

History DVCAM tape and Camcorder

DV or Digital Video is a range of professional and domestic video tapes and launched in 1995. The formats in this family of video tapes are DVCam, DVCPro and Mini DV. Miniature Digital Video or Mini-DV as it has become known has become the standard format for domestic and semi professional video productions. DVCam became the standard video format for professional video productions.

The DV family of tapes were easy to use and smaller than any of its predecessors. This meant that they could be transported by TV camera crews without the bulky and heavy bags. The DV camcorders were also smaller and easier to use. This led to a new generation of TV news reporting crews that could record their own stories.

The DVCAM video format, when compared to Hi8 and 8mm, was very high quality. It eradicated the unacceptable amount of video dropouts. This helped the transition for mainstream TV and Video broadcasters.

The most notable variants in the DV format are Sony’s DVCam and Panasonic’s DVCPro, both of which were targeted at professional use. The DVCam transports the tape a third faster so it has a higher track width, this leads to less dropout errors. The other advantage of DVCam is the locked audio. Because it is locked the audio synchronisation will never drift.

The MiniDVCAM tape was a popular semi-professional version of Mini-DV and the main stay of mini digital video cameras in the UK. Panasonic, JVC and Canon became the main suppliers of the camera and DVCAM recorder. The primary attraction was it's 3 CCD electronics, range of lense and size.

DVCAM Transfer to DVD and DVCAM Capture to AVI

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"I have used your firm for over 17 years now ..."
D. Essex - London

"great quality ... thanks for the quick service"
DV Derby - Birmingham

"found you on a forum and you lived up to expectation"
M. Kingston - Scotland

"great seeing the house we all grew up in and mum and dad again"
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